Meta Theory


A Theory on Meta-human Ability

The recent spate of meta-human phenomena has led many individuals to state that
abilities and powers they exhibit blatantly violate the laws of Thermodynamics,
specifically the conservation of energy. Given that the laws still seem to apply to people
who do not exhibit meta-human ability, it follows that the laws themselves are still in
effect, and that those with meta-human abilities are not in fact violating them, but are
making use of aspects of space-time that we have been unaware of until now.
It remains then to determine how these meta-humans are achieving their effects so that
we can learn more about the structure of space-time, and possibly duplicate them under
controlled conditions. Towards that end let us examine a The Law of Conservation of
Energy, or The First Law of Thermodynamics:

The First Law of Thermodynamics states: “total energy of the system plus the
surroundings is constant.” Or in other words: “Energy is conserved.”
Many meta-humans appear to violate this law regularly, generating beams of energy with
no power source, flying with no visible means of propulsion, gaining or losing mass
instantly, etc.

However, the first law only applies to a closed system, which is a system that can’t have
any energy added to it.

If you accept the theory that the universe that we can normally perceive is not the entire
system, then it opens the possibility that meta-humans are not violating the laws of
thermodynamics, but are instead tapping into an energy source not available to the rest of
us, an energy source so vast that it allows them to achieve these results without any
visible effort on their part.

How do they access this unknown energy source you ask? Well much has been made of
the discovery of the “Meta-Gene” in recent months. This is actually a misnomer, as it is
really a whole complex of genes, many of which were thought to be introns, or leftover
“junk DNA” from previous stages in our evolution. Nearly everyone has these metagenes,
but for most people they are latent, unexpressed.

It is only recently that we have seen many individuals with a fully expressed meta-gene
complex, which allows them to tap into an energy source outside our local space-time, (or
outside our “dimension” as some call it). Some theorize that historical cases of
spontaneous human combustion are a result of and individual’s meta-genes activating in
an unstable manner.

The current theory is that mitochondria also have meta-genes, and when activated in
conjunction with the meta-genes in our cellular DNA, this allows the mitochondria in our
cells to open sub-atomic quantum wormholes through which energy is provided to the
meta-genes that actually control the abilities exhibited. If the mitochondrial meta-genes
activate without a matching activation of the cellular meta-genes, you get spontaneous
human combustion. If the cellular meta-genes activate without the mitochondrial ones
activating in turn (a far more common occurrence), the result can be narrowly focused
prodigies, autism, cancer, or physical deformities.

Opening a stable wormhole, even a quantum one, takes enormous amounts of energy in
and of itself, far more than can be produced by a human body. How then is a metahuman
able to produce millions of stable quantum wormholes throughout all the cells in
their body? The meta-genes don’t actually create the wormhole. Instead, they generate
a signal that causes the wormhole to be opened up from the other side. The wormholes
are created in the dimension that the energy originates from, and the meta-genes tie them
into our cellular structure.

But it takes a certain amount of energy to even be able to generate the signal, and a
certain mindset to generate a signal that brings a response. There is usually a catalyst
event that causes this to occur. For some this is achieved through the use of psychoactive
drugs and meditation (shamans, mystics, and wizards), for others it is some lifethreatening
event that puts them in the correct mindset. The varied nature of these
catalyst events, and the mental states of the individuals, partially explains the wildly
different ways the meta-genes can be expressed in various individuals. The environment
at the time of the meta-gene activation also seems to play a role.

Lately something has changed. Something has reduced the energy threshold for full
meta-gene activation. It may be due to the ambient energy in the air from power lines, it
may be that the solar system is passing through an energy rich section of our local spacetime,
but for whatever reason, meta-gene activation is becoming more and more
common, without the impetus of life-threatening events and unusual circumstances that
was previously required.

Meta Theory

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