F.D.S.I. (The Federal Directorate for Security and Intelligence)
The Directorate is (only) nominally an arm of the National Security Agency, replacing the DIA and subsuming some of the intelligence gathering and counter-terrorist functions of the FBI. It has full authority on any case pertaining to, or exhibiting significant active involvement by, metahumans, those organizations known for using metahumans in their operations (such as THE SHADOW ARMY), incursions by entities of non-terrestrial origin (assumed to be part of its mandate as no such event has, to the public’s knowledge, ever occurred), and any case involving elements legitimately identified as being under the blanket classification “paranormal.”

Founded in response to concerns that existing law-enforcement agencies did not possess the necessary training, personnel, equipment, mindset, or organization to effectively deal with the growing numbers of “criminally-inclined” metahumans or paranormal events, the FDSI was officially signed into existence in 2008, by President Kerry.

The most visible elements of the directorate are the Sentries, those specially trained and specially equipped operatives who form the bulk of the active operations personnel. A recent addition as a “spearhead” of sorts is the government sanctioned and supported “superteams” called the Arsenals of Democracy — though small, they can call upon the full combat arms and logistical support of the Sentries, making them a formidable fighting force.

The Executive Director of the FDSI is a cabinet level position and, as such, is appointed by the president contingent to congressional approval. The current Executive Director ,or “Metahuman Czar,” is Lawrence Harcourt, former senator (Delaware, 1982-1988) and a highly decorated Colonel in the Army Special Forces during the Vietnam Era. The current Deputy Directors are Emil Bryzinski (Operations), J. Hamilton Crowe (Intelligence), and Colonel Thomas Pelovilla (Administration).


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