The government think tank ARGUS (Allied Research Groups/United States) introduced a single simple-coded scale combining measurements from many different factors, ranging from energy output and destructive capacity, to exhibited skill with said abilities. This scale uses numbers and colors to establish generally accepted ranges. In order from least powerful to most, the colors are green, yellow, red, and black. The first three are further broken down into five numerical ranges (such as Green-3 or Red-1).

Green status is given those metahumans with minimal presentation of non-human abilities, such as a telekinetic limited to moving the pages of a book and nothing more. They can be held in normal incarceration without problem. Highly skilled non-metahumans generally rank Green-5.

Yellow status is given those metahumans whose abilities would require special equipment to incarcerate, such as low-level superhuman strength or low-yield energy discharges.

Red status is reserved for serious threats — powerful metas with the skills and experience to cause major problems; Red level metahumans require large-scale equipment and special facilities.

Black is not separated into smaller numerical ranges, due to that classification being used for those metahumans whose abilities have exceeded the upper levels of quantifiable measurement, at least by any measures available through current technology, or in terms of perceived threat level. ARGUS-Black metas, when incarcerated, are held in ***REDACTED***.


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