Jasper Caldwell, Director of Operations, Spear 5, FDSI

Jasper Caldwell was chosen by the Deputy Directors of the FDSI to implement Spear 5 of the FDSI. Not much is known about him, other than the effeciency and competence he displays in every aspect of leadership he portrays. There are few official records, however, to his background, personality, and other aspects of his personal life. Given the skills and extensive network of contacts at his disposal, it is assumed he hails from the intelligence community. There is much conjecture to his background; no hard evidence exists to his history prior to the FDSI, and Caldwell takes small satisfaction in this.


Hound serves as Caldwell’s second in command. Like Caldwell, Hound’s personal background is hidden, and subject to much speculation. Other than the fact that he is a metahuman, no records exist of Hound’s history, and he is only known by his code name. Hound serves as liason to members of the Arsenal of Democracy at Spear 5. Hound has the unique ability to sense other metahumans, and can accurately detect their abilities.

Dr. Olivia Santiago, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Olivia Santiago was born in Fresno, California. She possesses several medical certifications and scientific degrees from various universities. Olivia prides herself on the numerous research papers she has publised, and is a constant workaholic.

Col. Arrington Sinclair, Sentry Commander

Above all else, Col. Arrington Sinclair is a soldier. He was hand-picked by Caldwell to command the Sentries of Spear 5, and has been given a wide latitude in the selection of its members. While Sinclair is dedicated to the service and position he has accepted with the FDSI, he has no qualms with voicing his ‘concerns’ about the powers and capabilities of metahumans. He does not bear any particular prejudice towards metahumans, per se. Rather, his problem is with what he sees as the lack of discipline and structure that metahumans represent. A soldier is trained to be what he is; he sees metahumans as ‘too random and unpredictable’ to ever be fully controlled.

Rosalyn Berkowitz, Director of Personnel

The fourth of seven children in a large Jewish family from the Bronx, Rosalyn grew up learning how to throw her weight around. Her acid wit is as feared as Kirby’s tirades, but her “everbody needs a mother” personality keeps her people loyal and supportive. When she’s not in her office, barreling through paperwork, she can be found in the commissary sharing recipes with the head cook, very loudly and with much enthusiasm.

Stan Kirby, Director of Facilities

A legendary grouch and loudmouth, Kirby is a genius with anything mechanical, large or small. He lets his staff manage themselves, though he can usually be found in a ventialtion shaft, maintenance panel or service entry somewhere. Given his temper and vocal range, his staff prefers to keep a tight ship rather than have to actually see him coming with his ever-present cigar ( well chewed, but never lit, as least in areas that Caldwell frquents).

Dr. Ellen Li, Staff Psychologist, Counselor

The daughter of hardworking Chinese immigrants, Ellen was driven to success at an early age. She earned her undergraduate degree at 17, and progressed through her Masters and Doctorate by 28. After the first metahumans appeared, she published a work entitled ‘Masks and Marvels: Inside the Metahuman Mind’. Caldwell personally pursued Ellen for Spear 5, for both her insight into metahuman motivations, and work with individuals in high stress environments. Ellen immediate accepted, and became one of Spear 5’s newest support personnel.

Dr. Rammohan Shakar, Director of Technical Services

Dr. Shakar heads up Spear 5’s R & D and research division. A virtual lab rat, he’s happiest when he’s focused on lab projects, research, and various thought exercises he runs concurrently. He’s been known to leave after numerous days, many times not realizing how long he’s been there. Dr. Shakar’s current record is six and a half days, with only catnaps and delivered Chinese food – he was forced to leave by his staff, and even then only by Caldwell’s ‘very direct and immutable order’, due to hygiene concerns.

Matthew Trask, Director of Security

Trask came at the personal recommedation of Jasper Caldwell, and with very little else. Given his bearing, it is assumed Trask is ex-military. However, Trask never talks about his past exploits, and is very quick to silence any such discussions in his presence. He takes security at Spear 5 very seriously. And by very seriously, Trask has been known to personally draw his sidearm on anyone, including well-known and longtime staff members, dignataries – anyone, if he believes someone has committed a security infraction of the most innoculous nature. Trask has few ‘friends’ at Spear 5, although he and Col. Sinclair seem to get along well enough. The only person in Spear 5 that seems to be able persuade, coerce or influence Trask is Caldwell.


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