The Directorate

Episode 0: Prologue

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Episode 0 serves as an introduction of Mutants and Masterminds to new players, and as the backdrop for some key plots and characters in the game world.

A group of UNTIL Special Operatives have been dropped into a non-UN member country in search of kidnapped scientists. It is believed that they are being held in a facility within the western border of Sudan. The group holding the scientists is of unknown origin. Surveillance has been poor due to the terrain of the area. The only hint of the location came when a tracking chip that was previously embedded in one of the scientists transmitted GPS data for a brief period, before falling silent again. The specialties of the scientists are varied, and no immediate link has been established among them.


The UNTIL SpecOps Team infiltrated the unknown facility within Western Sudan. After encountering stiff resistance, they were able to determine that the combatants were from various national backgrounds, and were using highly advanced armaments. The nature of the organization was not discovered. One of the combatants bore the tattoo of a European Special Forces regiment. As the UNTIL SpecOps team searched the compound, they located the missing scientist, along with several others. However, the scientists, apparently under the control of some device implanted onto their necks, attempted to subdue the team, just as a knockout gas was deployed in the facility. The team escaped the room, abandoning the scientists, only to encounter advanced combat drones surrounding the compound. The UNTIL SpecOps Team fought valiantly, but eventually were captured.

Episode 0: Prologue

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