House rules


Tactical Movement – for movement powers, I will be using the tactical movement rules from the Masterminds Manual, page 115 and 116. Here is a summary if you don’t have the book. Movement powers add 5 feet of movement per rank of power to your base move. This value becomes your normal move with that power. Your accelerated move is twice the normal speed, and your all-out move is that power’s maximum move speed. For example, a character with Flight 6 has a normal move of 60ft (30 base + (6*5)), an accelerated move of 120 feet, and an all out move of 500MPH

Lethality – Here is how I view lethality in M&M – if your attack has a +6 damage modifier or greater, and it is not specifically stated to be a non-lethal attack, I will consider it LETHAL! My reasoning for this is that many weapons or attacks in M&M can easily do 4 damage or more, and are definitely lethal. For example, let’s take Big Bruiser, who has a strength of 28 (9 modifier). Big Bruiser want to stop the bad guy from stealing the little old lady’s purse. Big Bruiser goes full-bore on the thief, punching him for +9 damage. The bad guy totally fails his save, blood gets splattered all over the little old lady, and she has a coronary from the sight and dies too…

My point is this – you’re superheroes, the GOOD guys. Yes, there will be times when you have no choice but to take someone down, but unless you want to get a reputation like the Punisher, you better learn how to pull your punches!

House rules

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