Legaleeze – this list of Banned and Restricted items is by no means a comprehensive list, and is subject to change, with or without notice, at any time, at the sole discretion of the GM of this game.

Banned Feats:
Hide in Plain Sight – Okay, you are not playing D&D, you are not a Shadow Dancer. You wanna hide in plain sight? Man up (or woman up, or whatever up) and get Invisibility, Concealment, or whatever power or skill that works. No rogue ninjas!

Minions – Sorry guys, no minions. The focus of the game is on the PCs.

Rage – Me no like insane PC! Me no want fuzzy little bunny get smashed! Me smash Rage feat! BRWAR!

Ritualist – Since Magic as a power is being banned for PCs, it only makes sense to ban the Ritualist Feat.

Sidekick – Sidekick is one of those feats that seems safe enough, but can easily get abused. Sorry, no sidekicks.

Restricted Feats:

Favored Opponent – limit two ranks
Again, this isn’t D&D.

Second Chance – limit two ranks
Second Chance can get broken if abused, hence the limit.

Skill Mastery – limit one to two ranks, GM approval
I’ll take ten for the win, Alex! Skill Mastery is teh b0m. You can only have one rank of Skill Mastery, unless you can make an extremely good argument for your PC. The GM also takes bribes in the form of Doritos, cookies, Coke Zero, and other standard gamer foods. In either case the max then would be two ranks.

Takedown Attack – limit of five minions that can be attacked using Takedown Attack
Come on, guys, I gotta be able to throw SOMETHING at you.

Banned Powers:

Dimensional Pocket – This isn’t a bad power, per se, but for game reasons, I’m banning this power.

Gestalt – “Dude, chicks are like Voltron. The more you get together, the better it gets!” – Red vs. Blue
Sorry, you will not be merging to form Devastator. I don’t want to have to send in the Dinobots to destroy you. Besides, you know Grimlock loves a challenge. And if you get this joke, you’ve got the touch, you’ve got the power…

Magic / Hellfire Control – Magic is another one of those powers that can easily get out of hand. So Magic is banned from PCs. Hellfire Control, since it 1) seems “Magical”, and 2) in my opinion, is perhaps the stupidest power in 2nd ed. (sorry Steve Kenson), is also banned.

Nemesis / Nullify – Unless you trying to build Mega Man, PCs are banned from these two powers. And if you are trying to build Mega Man, you must first defeat the eight Robot Masters under Dr. Wily’s control.

Summon – Sorry, but again, the focus of the game is on the PCs. No pulling rabbits out of your hat! Especially menacing, rabid, flesh eating rabbits!

Transform – Under the right conditions, Transform can be completely broken. POOF! Be banned!

Restricted Powers:

Extra Attacks – Okay, I know I’m not the only one who has the Mastermind’s Manual, and I sure someone took a nice, long look at the Extra Attacks power on page 110. As much as I’d like to see someone initiate a 10-hit Combo finishing with a SHORYUKEN!, we’re going to need to limit this power. Let’s see how this works: Limit to two ranks, can be used for Melee Attacks only, and can not have its action time reduced by taking the Action extra.

Duplication – limited to create up to five duplicates, maximum.
To keep play balance, and to get combat from getting too involved, PCs can only create up to five duplicates. And to answer a question, yes this does include out of combat as well.

Device – Need GM approval, Gadgeteer PC types need GM approval.
Devices are usually okay, but I still want to test any devices and gadgeteer PC types. You hobbitses are tricksy and false!

Teleportation – Two objects can not occupy the same space at the same time. For those you wishing to take the Accurate extra with Teleportation, be warned, I will not ‘stop’ you from taking it. However, I will maliciously perform Teleport Drift checks to see if something happens to be in the same physical location you are attempting to teleport into, whenever you attempt teleports without being able to accurately sense where you’re going. Fail your check, Instant Death! And not a nice clean death, either. It’ll be one of those agonizing, gut-wrenching, all someone else can do is watch in horrifying terror, teleporter accident scene in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, “It turned inside-out, and then exploded” from Galaxy Quest, kind of deaths. Okay, so maybe not so Instant, but still Death! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!


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